Tech Detect beta 0.1.51

Detecting Web Technology

The Start of it all

Being a web guy, frequently I find myself wondering, "Is this a WordPress?" or "Did they use jQuery for that?" - questions that can easily be answered by checking the HTML source and/or the JavaScript files.

Tech Detect comes to the rescue when you're constantly curious about these sort of things or if you require such questions to be answered quickly because… perhaps a client is bugging you about something and they have no idea if they're using WordPress.

What it does exactly

Tech Detect uses plain old JavaScript and jQuery to detect specific indicators on a web page. This ranges from common JavaScript libraries and statistic scripts to the +1 Button and even some server side technology.

After finishing the detection process, Tech Detect presents you with a list of technology that was used to create the web page. The list appears right there on the page, there's no navigating or popup windows involved.

Add it to your browser

Tech Detect

Drag the link above to your bookmark bar.

When you visit a web page, click the item in your bookmark bar to run Tech Detect (requires JavaScript to run).


Tech Detect is currently in beta and is far from detecting every technology. I've started building the library of technology indicators and it will continue to grow throughout the beta and of course afterwards.

I encourage your to aid me in this process. You can contact me to get involved.